Branding – Archistone

Project Overview: Developed a comprehensive branding strategy for Archistone, a premier marble showroom and a subsidiary of Albamer. The project aimed to establish a distinct and luxurious brand identity for Archistone, especially focusing on its introduction of the exquisite Neolith marble to their collection. The goal was to position Archistone as the leading destination for high-end marble and stone products, including Neolith, in their market.

Branding Development and Execution:

  1. Brand Identity Creation: Created a sophisticated brand identity for Archistone, reflecting the luxury, quality, and exclusivity of their marble collections. The identity needed to align with Albamer’s existing brand reputation while also standing out in the high-end stone market.
  2. Logo Design: Designed an elegant and modern logo that symbolizes the quality and craftsmanship associated with Archistone, subtly incorporating elements that suggest the texture and sheen of premium marble like Neolith.
  3. Color Palette and Typography: Selected a color palette that evokes luxury and sophistication, with rich and muted tones complemented by clean, contemporary typography. The palette and typography were chosen to enhance the visual appeal of Neolith and other marble products.
  4. Marketing Materials: Created a suite of marketing materials, including brochures, business cards, and digital assets, that showcase the beauty of Neolith and other stones while maintaining the newly established brand aesthetics.
  5. Showroom Branding: Advised on the interior branding elements of the showroom, ensuring that the environment aligns with the Archistone brand experience – from signage to display arrangements, every aspect was designed to highlight the luxury and quality of their products.
  6. Digital Presence: Developed a digital branding strategy, including website design and social media presence, to create a cohesive online identity that mirrors the elegance of the physical showroom.
  7. Advertising Campaigns: Planned and executed advertising campaigns focusing on the introduction of Neolith, utilizing both digital and traditional media to reach a wider yet targeted audience.
  8. Brand Storytelling: Crafted a compelling brand story centered around the quality, heritage, and unique aspects of Neolith and other marble collections, emphasizing Archistone’s role as a curator of exquisite stone products.
  9. Customer Experience Design: Incorporated branding elements into the customer experience, from the initial greeting at the showroom to the packaging and after-sales service, ensuring a consistent and premium experience.
  10. Brand Guidelines Documentation: Compiled comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistency in future marketing efforts and collaborations, covering aspects like logo usage, color palette, typography, imagery, and communication style.

Outcome and Impact: The branding initiative successfully positioned Archistone as a leader in the luxury marble market, with a special emphasis on their exclusive Neolith collection. The distinctive brand identity resonated with their target audience, leading to increased foot traffic in the showroom, higher customer engagement, and a significant boost in sales of Neolith and other marble products.


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