Social Media – Archistone

Project Overview: Managed and elevated the social media presence of Archistone, a high-end marble showroom renowned for its exclusive collection of marble, including the prestigious Neolith. The project aimed to showcase the luxury and elegance of Archistone’s products, engage with potential customers, and establish the showroom as a premier destination for high-quality marble in the market.

Social Media Strategy and Execution:

  1. Platform Optimization: Focused on key social media platforms ideal for visual content, such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, optimizing profiles to showcase Archistone’s luxury brand image.
  2. Content Development: Curated a range of content that highlights the unique qualities of Archistone’s marble collections, especially Neolith. This included high-resolution images of marble installations, behind-the-scenes looks at the sourcing and preparation of the marble, and design inspiration posts.
  3. Audience Engagement: Engaged with followers through interactive posts, responding to comments, and encouraging user-generated content. Ran Q&A sessions about marble selection and care to foster community engagement.
  4. Educational and Inspirational Posts: Shared informative content about the properties of different marble types, care tips, and the latest trends in interior design, positioning Archistone as an expert in the field.
  5. Influencer Collaborations: Collaborated with interior designers and architects to showcase their use of Archistone’s products, expanding reach and credibility.
  6. Analytics and Reporting: Regularly analyzed social media metrics to track engagement, reach, and ROI, adjusting the strategy as needed to optimize performance.
  7. Promotional Campaigns: Executed promotional campaigns for new arrivals, special collections like Neolith, and showroom events to drive traffic and interest.
  8. Visual Storytelling: Used visual storytelling to convey the luxury and elegance of Archistone’s products, ensuring that each post aligns with the brand’s premium aesthetic.
  9. Customer Testimonials and Projects: Showcased customer testimonials and completed projects, providing real-life examples of the marble in use and building trust with potential customers.
  10. Consistent Brand Voice and Messaging: Maintained a consistent brand voice and messaging across all platforms, reinforcing Archistone’s position as a leading marble showroom.

Outcome and Impact: The social media management for Archistone significantly boosted the showroom’s online presence and engagement. The strategic approach to content and community interaction resulted in increased brand awareness, higher customer engagement, and a surge in inquiries about their marble collections, especially Neolith.


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